JANHUNEN jacking & skidding – Special lifts and moves for industry, construction, power generation and distribution!

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Jacking and Skidding

Jacking and Skidding Services are utilized in installation tasks when conventional lifting by crane is not feasible. Generally speaking, we are dealing with complicated installation environments or particularly heavy pieces, which are not economically or technically feasible to lift with cranes. Typical objects include e.g. transformers and industrial installations such as turbines, generators, heat exchangers and ventilation units.

Our jacking & skidding fleet includes various rollers, winches, strand jacks, skidding tracks and other special gears. When necessary, we will use project-specific equipment.

Engineering & Total Service

The planning and engineering work is an essential part of the jacking and skidding service. Our experienced staff will perform the site surveys and provide the necessary plans and documentation for operations. Together with our crane and transportation services, we can provide complete service throughout the supply chain, from start to finish, from factory to foundation.

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Mika Pikkuharju, Kuljetusliike Matti Janhunen Oy

Mika Pikkuharju