JANHUNEN service sectors


The Industry is one of our important market segments. During the several decades of our history, the company has served several industries, from traditional mills and machinery factories to modern technology applications like crane services for erections of cellular phone masts or working with wind turbines.


For Industry –sector through our three main services - Cranes, Transports and Jacking & Skidding – we can compose effective and economic solutions for different needs. Each service can be offered separately or we can create a total handling & shipping package to our customers.

Our engineering department provides studies and plans for even the most complex installation-, transport and lifting applications. We hope we’d be involved in the most early stage of projects, thus helping the customer to optimize the methods and costs.

Please contact for further references and solutions for your needs.

Emergency Response - for unexpected situations in the industry

The JANHUNEN Company services: lifting-, transport- and jacking & skidding, are also available for very short notice when something unexpected happens. A typical situation is an unplanned outage at industry when a critical component needs to be replaced.

The JANHUNEN Expertise is there for you to help also during the emergency. 24/7 –service available.

Please contact – we’ll be ready to solve your situation!

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