JANHUNEN Jacking & Skidding

 –Jacking & Skidding, Installations for Industrial- and Civil Projects!


Jacking & Skidding

Jacking and skidding, also called 'sliding' is generally utilized for complex and/or heavy items when conventional lifting by cranes is not feasible. Typically these are components like transformers, industrial in-house installations such as turbines, generators, heat exchangers and HVAC-components.


The JANHUNEN Company’s Jacking & Skidding Fleet includes for example slide-beams, rollers, jacks, winches, strand-jacks etc special equipments for
different needs and project environments. We also design and develop tailor-made handling solutions & equipmens for special project needs.

Planning & Engineering

Engineering and Planning is an essential part of jacking & skidding services; our engineers study and supply detailed planning of lifting-, jacking-, transport- and installation operations. The Site Survey and Supervision is also included. 

Full Service

Together with our Crane-, Transport- and Engineering Operations, we can supply full service ‘from factory to foundation’. Please don’t hesitate to contact!

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