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-Personal Service since 1944

The Company

The JANHUNEN Company is a 100 % family owned company which offers crane-, special transport- and jacking & skidding, installation services for industrial and private customers. The company is founded 1944 and today it’s 3rd generation running the company.

The Full Style

Kuljetusliike Matti Janhunen Oy

VAT ID FI05307626

Visiting Address

Lakalaivankatu 7, 33840 Tampere, FINLAND

Invoicing Address

PL 38695, 00021 LASKUTUS

Electronic Invoicing

Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503) Electronic Invoicing Address: 003705307626 Data Transfer ID: 003705307626

Euran Rakennuspalvelu Oy

VAT ID FI02835546

Visiting Address

Isometsäntie 41, 26100 Rauma, FINLAND

Invoicing Address

PL 38687 00021 LASKUTUS

Electronic Invoicing

Operator: OpusCapita Solutions Oy (E204503) Electronic Invoicing Address: 003702835546 Data Transfer ID: 003702835546

Our Values

There is three Main Values in Our Company. The values we have chosen are based on our most important stakeholders: the Customers and the Personnel. Our Values are:


The Reliability for the Customer the Work will be completed as agreed.

The Reliability for the Personnel that the Company takes its responsibility of future thus providing certain standard of living for all.

Feeling Good

Co-operation for a Good Workplace to have all necessary resources, every day safety and general wellbeing of all.

Successfully Completed Projects, satisfied Customers, Great Place to Work 

Customer Service

The Customer Service is the priority Number One. The "Reliability" and "Feeling Good" will happen automatically when the Customer gets top level service. The Customer's perspective and serving is a guideline for everyday working.

Figures and Facts

Today we are around 40 professionals and our annual turnover is approx. 5 MEUR. Our main market area is Finland and for international business we are operating around Scandinavia and Europeanwide through our selected partner network.


The roots of our company go back more than 70 years to autumn 1944, when Aarne Janhunen (1911 - 1993) founded an auto electrical repair shop under his own name in Tampere, southern Finland. Workshop operations began in a small garage in the city’s downtown, but a year later the rapidly-expanding business required larger premises in nearby street.

Over the next decade the business activities of Aarne Jahnunen Oy continued to grow rapidly and in the mid-1950s the founder expanded its business activities again: this time by establishing an excavation company subsidiary. The company also opened a spare parts and accessories store in Ratinankatu street.

In the year 1966 the second generation of the family joined the business as Matti Janhunen (b. 1943) started working as a foreman in company’s diesel repairs department. The following year it was time for expansion again; all activities except the spare parts store were transferred to new Lakalaiva premises in southern Tampere, where we still are today.

During the 1980s the nature of the business shifted to its current focus on lifting and transport. The excavation business was sold in 1981 and Kuljetusliike Matti Janhunen Oy founded two years later. In the 1990s the third generation of Janhunen family started careers in the company as the current Managing Director, Jussi Janhunen (b. 1971), and automotive and transportation engineer, Ari Janhunen (b. 1976), gradually took over and in the 2000s became company shareholders.

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ISO 9001 certificate

The Finnish Construction Quality ("RALA") certificate

The Finnish Qualified Supplier Certificate 


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